FREE Dating Masterclass For Single High-Achieving Women

Hosted by Love Coach Persia Lawson

During this free masterclass you'll learn...


  • The #1 LIE that prevents high-achieving women from getting (& keeping) their ideal relationship.  


  • A crucial mindset & behavioural shift that'll make you instantly more visible & attractive to high quality men. 


  • How your career success could be massively sabotaging your romantic success (& how to fix this WITHOUT compromising the quality/ results in your work). 


  • The REAL reason you're struggling to go from 'fun fling' to long-term, committed relationship with the men you date (& how to transform this fast to call in your ideal partner).


  • The non-negotiable 4 word SOLUTION to get a love life as successful as your career (ignore this at your peril!) 


  • A very specific, proven 8 step process to make your dream romantic scenario a reality (within 4 months).


... And much, much more!

Presented by


Persia Lawson

Persia Lawson is an Author, Speaker & ‘one of the UK’s most successful Love Coaches’ – according to The Times magazine.

Having once been a serial cheater & obsessive love addict, she’s proud to now be in a healthy, committed relationship of 4+ years with her fiance Joe, and is passionate about helping women attract (& sustain) their own in the chaos of the modern dating world. 

“Soon after working with Persia I found myself in the most soulful, healthy, committed & passionate relationship with the love of my life." - Mel Wells, x2 Bestselling Author & Wellness Influencer”

This training isn't based on theory, but on my own experience of going from being a total DISASTER in my love life to attracting & sustaining a relationship that's as successful (if not more so!) than my career - and teaching hundreds of high-achieving women all around the world how to do the same.

As "one of the UK's most successful love coaches" (according to The Times magazine) I know what it takes for powerhouse women to get the relationship of their dreams (FAST) - and I'm sharing the exact blueprint in this brand new masterclass.